Zukun Plan comes from the German phrase Zukunftsplan, meaning plans for the future.


We are industrial designers and mechanical engineers who are eager to discover what is next.


That does not mean we ignore the past – We study history vigorously to better envision the future. But, we are passionate about forthcoming technologies, ideas, trends, and aesthetics.


Our purpose is to bring these together into product design solutions with real world manufacturing, and participate in turning future visions into reality.


Industrial Design


Industrial Design means different things to different people. To us, it means creating connections. Connecting consumer needs to manufacturing capabilities; connecting emotional elements with technological requirements; connecting the end of a product’s usefulness to the beginning of another. We balance the various needs of all participants in the product lifecycle. We strive to pack in all of this without losing sight of the practicality, responsibility, and economics necessary to make a product commercially viable.


Zukun offers a range of industrial design services:


  • Design Trend Analysis 
  • Concept Development 
  • Focused Ideation
  • 2D & 3D Sketch Exploration
  • Styling Exploration
  • Configuration Exploration
  • Color Studies Exploration
  • Solid & Surface CAD Modeling
  • Presentation Rendering
  • Photorealistic Rendering
  • Packaging Illustration
  • Product Graphics


Zukun also stays current with the latest digital tools, which enables the ability to explore more possibilities in less time.

Production Intent


Production intent development means transforming a design concept into tool-ready data. Zukun works in SolidWorks and Creo (Pro/Engineer) to produce CAD models/assemblies, drawings, and  specifications needed  for tooling release.


We resolve and optimize  fit, tolerance, interference, draft, wall thicknesses, attachment details, mating components, bend allowances, spring-back, etc. And, we preserve the original design intent because the design is our passion.



Engineering is an integral part of product design.  Whether a project is exclusively engineering-oriented, or requires multiple coordinated product development services, Zukun can employ these disciplines to successfully provide and manage technical requirements such as mechanical, electrical, and structural engineering, analysis, and documentation.


  • FEA (Finite Element Analysis)
  • FMEA (Failure Mode and Effect Analysis)
  • CAD Modeling: Creo (Pro/Engineer) and Solidworks
  • Model simulation
  • Design Optimization
  • Engineering Drawings
  • Prototyping
  • Quality Analysis
  • Material Sourcing
  • Tooling Strategy
  • Manufacturer Support

Visual Brand Language & Design Translation


Whether we are starting from scratch or working with pre-determined ‘Design Intent’. The integrity of that design must be preserved as the  final production version is developed.


Our design sensitivity serves this need. We are perfectly comfortable translating existing intent or language into tool-ready product or alternative variations of existing design.

Fresh Thinking & Styling


Fresh concepts are sometimes what your project needs most. When concept exploration beats the same path and nothing new hits the wall, we can provide an alternate perspective with variety. We have clients that see that as our greatest strength because we do that time and time again.

Volume Appropriate Design


Volume appropriate design means understanding the requirements placed on design and engineering by production volume. A clinical medical product will not use the same manufacturing processes as mass-marketed sports equipment. The fit, finish and production quality of small volume can be a significant challenge. We have experience  across a wide spectrum, and can help to bring appropriate solutions that serve the client, the consumer, and the design.

Product Illustration & Photo-Realistic Rendering


Illustration and rendering for presentation are common needs among our clients.


Our work includes: highly photo-realistic renderings of CAD models, custom photography for composite imaging including human interaction, package illustrations, and image manipulation to create a combination of real photography and computer-generated renderings.


We can create illustrations of products in use, representations of point-of-purchase layouts, color variation, and of course, the ‘Hero Shot’ of a not yet created product.

Competitive Market Research & Trend Analysis


The competitive landscape is constantly changing. We keep a constant eye on competitive and relevant brands. With this focus we have the ability to see shifts in the marketplace and identify trends worth embracing. This vision can be adjusted for current, coming, and leading edge phenomenon.

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