By Bauer Limited Production


Simple, Balanced, Pure


Produced and assembled in Southern California, the Catfish is a purpose built, street legal track car that utilizes Mazda Miata running gear.  The car features a lightweight tubular space frame chassis and a fiberglass/carbon fiber body.


Bauer Limited Productions hired Zukun Plan to design the body and interior. The body is a GT shape with a long curved hood that leads into a muscular back end. The design is simple and balanced; the form does not need embellishment, but it can easily be added if desired.


Small scale production allows for great opportunity to customize each car with hand-made specialty parts – hood straps, dashboard, headlamps, seats, shifter, carbon inserts, seat cowl, tonneau cover, wind screen, and side exhaust openings are some examples. Each production Catfish model has taken advantage of this opportunity and is tailored to the owner’s wishes.


Catfish is approved for NASA Sport Touring Class racing, and has competed at the 25 Hours of Thunderhill.

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