By Dirt Devil


Power Meets Convenience


Boasting a robust feature set for overall home cleaning, Dash represents the flagship for Dirt Devil’s fresh new visual branding language.


The Dash hosts one of Dirt Devil’s newest innovations: the all new “Swipes” hard floor cleaning system. Washable removable pads and bendable wing tips on the “Swipes” make for extra convenient clean up on any hard floor. A one-step conversion of the unit transitions the handle into a full sized mop-and-vac, made possible by internal automatic valves.


The first in a line of products that establish the new, Zukun designed Dirt Devil visual brand language. Elements of the Dash hearken to the brand’s long-standing heritage while incorporating cutting edge contemporary styling. An exciting blend of graceful lines and crisp details, the Dash is the flagship product of a whole new generation but maintains the existing family aesthetic.

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