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By Hoover


Vacuum with Intelligence

Zukun was tasked with helping to reinvent the look and feel of Hoover’s vacuums for a new flagship lineup called REACT. Currently, the vacuum isle at major retailers can seem like the products are all screaming for attention with the use of overly aggressive styling, faux performance features, and bright colors.


The Hoover REACT lineup stands out from the crowd with a clean, fluid, elegant approach, and a focus on simplifying the user experience. The REACT lineup was designed to be more like a premium line of appliances that could comfortably sit out in a living space if necessary. The styling showcases FloorSense technology which utilizes sensors that detect changing floor types and automatically adjust the brush roll speed for best results. Common maintenance items like the prefilter are strategically placed for easy monitoring and accessibility, and its carry handle is both ergonomic and intuitive to use. 


The Hoover REACT lineup pioneers the new bold and modern identity of Hoover.

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