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Integrated Lane

By Haag-Streit Reliance International


Reimagining the Future of Eyecare

Reliance Medical Products partnered with Zukun on complete rethinking of exam lane design equipment for their customers. Within 15 months of the first meeting, Reliance was able to present to the world the functional Integrated Lane Concept. The concept premiered at the AAO trade show in Chicago, Illinois in October 2018. Ophthalmologists from around the country were able to test and experience what “will be the forerunner of lane designs for many years to come” according to Ernest Cavin, CEO/President of Haag-Streit USA.


Using a human-centered design approach, the Integrated Lane Concept considers the entire exam experience of both the patient and the doctor.


After conducting multiple studies on how ergonomics can fundamentally change the exam room experience, the new lane design addresses several common issues. These issues include doctor’s musculoskeletal disorders caused by forced poor posture, patient physical and psychological comfort, and more efficient movement of equipment to streamline the exam process. Accessibility was considered from the beginning — the design is intentionally and universally inclusive for all patients.


The Integrated Lane Concept is an ongoing development project to revitalize the eye exam experience through a fully modernized equipment offering.

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