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APPLES Study Tray

For the Maitre Lab Team at
Nationwide Children’s Hospital


Continuing Therapy at Home

At the Clinic


The Maitre Lab team at Nationwide Children’s Hospital has been focusing research on objective and quantifiable measurements of motor functions in infants and children through the APPLES Project  (A Positive Parent-focused training for upper Limb Experience with Sensory-motor feedback). They use this information to develop novel techniques and strategies to improve motor function for infants and children who suffer from neonatal neural insults. Their tools and protocols support therapy strategies that have been shown to improve motor function in children with Cerebral Palsy.


The Maitre team partnered with Zukun Plan to develop a parent-focused training tool to be used in the clinic and at home. This tool is a simple tray that can be used during therapy sessions at the clinic in conjunction with motion capture systems to measure minute changes in movement of patients and track those overtime.


At Home


The tray is a simple, lightweight product that straps to a high chair, positioning of the cylindrical pedestal allow for variation in exercises and strategies to cater to the unique needs of the patient and to target different levels of difficulty as muscle groups develop.


This adaptable table design allows the rehabilitative exercises from the lab to be directly translated and continued in the home environment. The adjustable straps and universal size allow the table to fit a variety of high chairs in any home.

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