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NeuroPlus Headset

By NeuroPlus


Focus Sensing EEG Headset

What if a physical, non-intimidating product could help people increase their attention span through the reading and translating of brainwave activity?


After developing a video game-like training system built to improve attention and self control, NeuroPlus reached out to Zukun Plan to develop a unique brain-sensing headset. They had previously used third-party EEG headsets but had identified several areas in need of improvement. Zukun Plan addressed the user needs of ergonomics, aesthetics, and usability in the design of the new and exclusive NeuroPlus Headset. Zukun translated early concepts and learning into a complete, ready for manufacture solution. This state-of-the-art headset works seamlessly with NeuroPlus software to accurately monitor real-time brain activity, determining when a user is focused.

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