Drakan Spyder

By Sector 111


One Wicked Spyder

Sector 111 tailors itself to the niche market of ultra-lightweight, track-capable street cars. The Drakan Spyder brings a uniquely all-American option to their British-centric lineup. Its chassis and suspension are designed by Palatov Motorsport in Portland, Oregon, and it utilizes GM’s LS3 eRod emissions compliant engine. With no electronic stability and traction assistance, the Drakan Spyder is truly a driver’s car with wicked potential in the hands of the right individual.

The goal for the Drakan Spyder was to find the right balance of bodywork and exposed machine. The resulting package feels neither devoid of bodywork nor obscured by it. Its mechanical form is expressed through the body surfaces which describe the structure they tightly follow. Carefully considered openings and mesh panels provide specific function as well as a peek at the performance beneath.  

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